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Prodigy Math Game

  • Developer: SMARTeacher
  • Genre: Education, Games
  • Version: 3.4.1
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Official information

Release Date September 10, 2015
Developer SMARTeacher
Publisher SMARTeacher
Genre Education, Games
Language English
System Windows PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux
Version 3.4.1


Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is a fun and effective way to learn and practice math for children from 1st to 8th grade. The application is widely used not only for home studying but in many schools around the world. You can download Prodigy Math Game on your Android and iOS devices or access it through the browser.

Prodigy Math Game


As the app utilizes gamification, there are a lot of video game elements in its design. The vast majority of tasks looks like a game where you need to complete different tasks. Prodigy Math interface is made in a cartoon style with fun and lovely main characters. But what we liked the most is the fact that despite the application is not actually a game, the quality of its graphics is really high. As there are a lot of cartoon elements and fun characters, Prodigy makes teaching mat easier and more enjoyable for children.   

Key Functions

If you open an official Prodigy site, most probably, you notice that there are a lot of different rewards and recognitions, including Top Pick For Learning and American Association of School Librarians. Prodigy is one of the benchmarks in the e-learning market and one of the best math learning gamification applications. Before the developers launched Prodigy, they had a lot of consultations and collected tons of different recommendations. Therefore, knowing the fact that all students are unique and face different problems and challenges when it comes to math learning, they decided to:

  • Create content that adjusts yourself to every student’s weakness and strengths;
  • Include only those questions that are completely aligned with state-level curricula;
  • Create more than 1 400 different tasks. 


Prodigy team is trying to work with teachers and parents very closely to get to know about the problems and difficulties. As such, they always update the app and release new versions. 


Prodigy Math Game has a user-friendly interface design. As the main potential users are children, the developers created a really simple navigation system. Moreover, there are a lot of guides and in-built animation tutorials that prompt people on how to use the app. Each game has detailed instructions on how to play and win it. Be sure, that not only you will be satisfied with the interface, but your child too. 

Cross-Platform Use

Prodigy Math Game platform can be accessed in two ways: through the browser (supports all modern browsers versions) or by downloading the mobile application. The last one is available to install on Android and iOS platforms. You can find it on Google Play or Apple Store respectively. The application is completely free on all platforms.


Looking for a fun way to teach your child math? Then, Prodigy Math Game is exactly what you are searching for! It has a lot of gamification elements, fun challenges, and high-quality design. Users can access it through the browser or mobile app.


  • No version for Windows Phone
  • No desktop version can be accessed via the browser only


  • One of the most popular games to practice math skills
  • It is used in schools
  • Free
  • A lot of different challenges.





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